When should the Olah say Chazak Chazak Vinischazeik

  1. Question: [Sunday, 23rd Iyar, 5783]

I received the last Aliyah of Shevi’i this past Shabbos and was wondering according to our custom for the Olah to also recite Chazak Chazak Vinischazeik if I should say it together with the congregation or together with the Baal Korei? I saw that in Hiskashrus they wrote to say it with the Baal Korei, although no accurate source was recorded.


The Olah is to say it together with the congregation.


The recital of Chazak Chazak Vinischazeik after the conclusion of a book of Torah is recorded in the early Poskim and Rishonim, and based on the Midrash. Now, there is a discussion amongst the Poskim as to whether or not it is permitted for the Olah himself to also recite this statement, and while most Poskim negate it for one reason or another, the Chabad custom is for the Olah to recite it as recorded in Hayom Yom, and Sefer Haminhagim, and the letters of the Rebbe. It is not clear however from these sources as to whether he should say together with the congregation or together with the Baal Korei. However, in the source of this statement in the Reshimos of the Rebbe, it states that the Olah should recite it in order to include himself amongst the simple believers. This implies that he is to say it together with the congregation, and so concludes a number of Chabad publications, including Hiskashrus of previous volumes, unlike the quoted ruling in this weeks volume. 


Sources: See regarding the Olah saying it with the congregation: Reshimos 4th Menachem Av 5701; Hiskashrus 927; Chikreiy Haminhagim 65; See regarding the general custom of reciting Chazaka Chazak Vinischazeik: Levush 669; Abudarham Seder Shacharis Shel Shabbos; Custom of Spain brought in Orchos Chaim Hilchos Sheiyni Vechamishi 19; Ketzos Hashulchan 84:13; See Poskim in previous Halacha regarding saying Chazak after each Olah: Rama ibid; Mahariy Mintz 85; Piskeiy Teshuvos 139:17; See Sefer “Amiras Chazak Veyasher Koach” of Rav Yaakov Spiegel p. 344-371 for a thorough analysis on this subject with quotes of all the Poskim and Rishonim; See Sefer Hamanhig Shabbos 56 based on Bereishis Raba 6:18 “The Chazan says Chazak loudly to the person finishing the reading”;  See regarding that the Olah should not recite it: Ketzos Hashulchan 84:13 footnote 22; Shulchan Hakeria; Shevet Halevi 7:22; Beir Moshe 3:28; Mishneh Halachos 7:22; 8:18; Piskeiy Teshuvos 139:17; See regarding the Chabad custom for Olah to say it: Reshimos Hayoman p. 402; Hayom Yom 23rd Tishreiy; Sefer Haminhagim p. 61 [English]; Igros Kodesh 4:14, printed in Shulchan Menachem 2:93-94; Chikrei Haminhagim 2:208

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