Which Bracha should I recite on frozen wine or grape juice ice pops?

Question: [Monday, 14th Sivan, 5782]

Which Bracha should I recite on frozen wine or Kedem grape juice ice pops [100% wine and grape juice]?


It is questionable whether the blessing of frozen wine is Shehakol or Hagafen or Haeitz, and therefore you should either make all three blessings on different foods, having in mind the frozen grape juice/wine, or if not available, then simply say the blessing of Shehakol. Bedieved, if one said either Hagafen or Haeitz he is Yotzei.



It is questionable whether frozen grape juice or wine still retains its blessing of Hagafen, or loses this blessing and rather becomes Haeitz or Shehakol. Some argue that from the fact that we find in the Mishneh and Poskim that frozen items no longer have the status of a liquid, therefore the blessing can no longer possibly be Hagafen. Others, however, argue that this solid status of a frozen item is regarding other matters of Jewish law, and does not apply to the law of blessings. Furthermore, some bring a source in the Talmud for the concept of frozen wine, hence proving that even frozen wine is still called wine and therefore she received the blessing of Hagafen. Whatever the case, this matter is not conclusive amongst the Poskim, and therefore one should do as we stated above to escape the doubt, or simply say the blessing of Shehakol which is always the correct blessing to say in a case of doubt, and in this case according to some authorities is even the initial blessing.

Sources: See Imrei Mordechai 8; Avnei Derech 11:30; Poskim who are in doubt as to the blessing: See P”M Pesicha Hilchos Brachas 11 [questions if congealed or frozen wine is Haeitz or Hagafen]; Minchas Yitzchak 8:14; Tzitz Eliezer 3:7; Shevet Halevi 9:39 [doubt if Shehakol or Haeitz]; Shraga Hameir 8:113; Piskeiy Teshuvos 202:3; Poskim who rule that the blessing is Shehakol: Birkeiy Yosef 202:2 in name of Mahra Azulaiy based on Beis Yosef 202 that Iropi is Shehakol, brought in Kaf Hachaim 202:16; Poskim who rule that it is Hagafen: Steipler in Igros Vereshimos Kehilas Yaakov 1 Igeres 18; Rav Chaim Kanievsky based on Sukkah 12a; Baruch Omer 1 Brachos 27; Ruling of Rav Mazuz in Or Torah; Shevet Hakehasi 6:123; Birchas Reuvein Shlomo 3:7; Poskim who rule that cooked congealed wine is Hagafen: Beis Yehuda O.C.61; Yad Aaron on Tur 202:1; Kaf Hachaim 202:14; See regarding frozen liquids that they have the status of solids: Admur 158:7; Seder Birchas Hanehnin 20; Rambam Tumas Ochlin 9:2; Seder Birchas Hanehnin 8:8 [that frozen liquids do not have the status of a liquid but rather as a solid regarding Tziruf for an after blessing]; Mishneh Taharos 3:1-2

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