Why Yaakov chose the beauty of Rachel

The beauty of Rachel Imeinu:[1]

The verse states that when Yaakov Avinu saw Rachel he ran towards her and kissed her. The Midrash states that Yaakov intended to attach himself to her beauty. Knowing the great spiritual level of Yaakov Avinu, it seems strange that Yaakov would act in such a way, chasing after physical beauty in such an aggressive fashion. The true meaning of the Midrash is as follows: Yaakov Avinu knew that all physical beauty below in this world is a reflection of spiritual beauty above in the upper worlds. Rachel’s physical beauty was a reflection of the Sefira [of Tifers]. When Yaakov saw her physical beauty he ran towards her to attach to her spiritual counterpart [of Tiferes] from which she derived.

[1] Or Torah [Maggid] 18

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