Wife lighting candles in the hospital

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Wife lighting candles in the hospital:

How many candles to light:[1] When lighting candles outside of one’s home, such as in the hospital, one is to light only two candles and is not required to light the number of candles that they usually light at home.

If cant light a flame in the hospital:[2] If the hospital in which the wife is staying does not allow her to light candles, then she is to turn on an electric light[3] [or turn it off and then on if already on] by the regular candle lighting time, preferably turning on a bulb with a filament [rather than fluorescent or LED lamps]. Nonetheless, a blessing may not be recited, and while there are some who are lenient[4], Safek Brachos Lihakel, and therefore no blessing is to be said. This certainly applies in Israel where the electricity is generated by Jews, and hence there is no room to be lenient to say a blessing over the electricity.


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