Wishing one to return to peace instead of with peace


I am aware of the law and custom that when wishing someone farewell one should avoid using the term “Leich Beshalom” go with peace and should rather say “Leich Leshalom” go to peace. My question is regarding if one should also be careful in this when wishing their return in peace should one also use the term “to-peace” in contrast to with peace, such as to say Tachzor Lishalom instead of Tachzor Beshalom?



Yes, just as we are careful to use the wording “go to peace” when wishing and peaceful travel so to one should use the wording “return to peace” when wishing their safe return.

Explanation: Although the source in the Talmud and Poskim which speaks of this matter only discusses the wording when wishing peaceful travels for someone traveling away from one’s destination, and not the wording for returning back home to one’s destination, nonetheless, the reason for using the term Lishalom instead of Beshalom seemingly would apply also upon wishing one a safe return trip, and so can be seen within the Nussach of Tefilas Haderech recorded in the Rishonim and Poskim, including the Alter Rebbe, that the wording Leshalom is used even regarding the return trip, and so was written by the Rebbe in numerous letters regarding traveling to and from a destination “Sheyeilech Leshalom, Veyachzor Leshalom.” To note that this is also the Nussach in Shalom Aleichem in which we wish the angels, Boachem Leshalom….Tzeischem Leshalom.

Sources: See wording in Tefilas Haderech “Vesachzireinu Leshalom”: Siddur Admur, Rosh Brachos 4:18, Elya Raba 11:8, Siddur Yaavetz, Likkutei Maharich 1:108; See letters of Rebbe: Igros Kodesh Vol. 26:175-176; See regarding the general topic of saying Lishalom versus Beshalom: Admur 110:9; M”A 110:9; M”B 110:17; Rebbe Avin in Brachos 64a and Moed Katan 29a; Shemiras Hanefesh 52; Kaf Hachaim Y.D. 116:160; See Nitei Gavriel Aveilus 80 footnote 3; Sefer Shemiras Haguf Vihanefesh [Lerner] 95

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