Women avoiding Melacha on Motzei Shabbos

Avoiding Melacha on Motzei Shabbos-Women Sewing:[1]

Some Poskim[2] write it is customary for women to avoid doing Melacha throughout the entire duration of Motzei Shabbos. However, this custom is negated by the Yerushalmi[3], was omitted by Admur[4], and is no longer the accepted custom, and therefore so is the practical ruling that it is not necessary to be careful in this matter.[5] Nonetheless, some have a custom to avoid writing Safrus on Motzei Shabbos.[6] Others avoid any laborious work done for payment the entire Motzei Shabbos.[7] Others avoid sewing on Motzei Shabbos.[8] [Practically, each family is to abide by their tradition, and those who avoid sewing are to continue to avoid doing so, while those who do not have such a tradition, may continue to sew on Motzei Shabbos.]   

The Chabad custom: According to Admur in his Shulchan Aruch there is no need for women to avoid doing any Melacha, even sewing, on Motzei Shabbos.[9] Nonetheless, some testify that the established Chabad tradition dating back to Russia is for women to avoid sewing on Motzei Shabbos.[10] Others however claim to be unaware of such a custom in Chabad.[11]


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[2] M”A 299:15 in name of Abudarham end of Seder Motzei Shabbos; Elya Raba 299:23 in name of Tashbeitz that so is the custom of the world to not do Melacha throughout the entire Motzei Shabbos

[3] Yerushalmi Pesachim 4, Perek Hamakom Shenahagu Halacha 1, brought in Tur 299 and M”A 299:15, “Women who are accustomed to not do Melacha on Motzei Shabbos are not fulfilling a custom”

[4] It is omitted likewise in the Mishneh Berurah

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[6] Based on testimony of Leket Yosher p. 58 in name of Terumos Hadeshen

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[9] As Admur 299:20 rules that the statement of the Gemara against doing work on Motzei Shabbos applies only until Maariv is finished in Shul.

[10] Received from HaRav Eliyahu Landa Shlita

[11] Received from HaRav Leibal Groner Shlita

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