Wore Rabbeinu Tam instead of Rashi

Question: [Sunday 20th Tamuz, 5780]

I accidentally wore my Rabbeinu Tam tefillin for Davening instead of my Rashi’s and only noticed when I went to take them off and put on my “Rabbeinu Tam”s after Davening. What should I do?



In such a case simply wear your Rashi Tefillin after Davening and say the paragraphs that you would usually say with your Rabbeinu Tams. You should say a blessing on your Rashis in such a case, although it is bets to try to use the bathroom beforehand.

Sources: See here for  the full details of this subject:

https://shulchanaruchharav.com/halacha/chapter-4-tefillin-of-rabbeinu-tam/ by footnote 130

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