Yeihu kills Yoram king of Israel, Achaziah, king of Yehuda, and Izevel

    1. Yeihu kills Yoram king of Israel:
    • The time of the rebellion of Yeihu: Yeihu, the son of Yehoshaphat, the son of Nimshi revolted against Yoram the king of Israel, while Yoram and all Israel were guarding in Ramoth- Gilead to prevent the enemy soldiers of Chazael the king of Aram, from breaking through.
    • The plot: King Yehoram returned to Yizrael to recuperate from his wounds that the Arameans inflicted upon him when he fought with Chazael king of Aram. Yeihu told the people [in Ramot Gilad[1]] that if they desire [for him to become the new king[2]], then let no survivor leave the city to go to Yizrael and inform the king of my arrival [with plans to assassinate him].
    • Yeihu and Achaziyah arrive to Yizrael: Yeihu traveled to Yizrael, where Yoram the king was lying in recovery. At that same time, Achaziah, the king of Yehuda went down to see Yoram.
    • Yoram sees a large entourage coming towards him and sends a rider to greet them: The lookout was standing on the tower in Yiszrael, and he saw Yeihu’s troop arriving towards them. He informed Yoram of the arrivals and Yoram told him to send a rider towards them to see as to [who they are and as to] their wellbeing [and as to what is it that they want].
    • The rider does not return: The horse rider went towards Yeihu and asked him in the name of the king as to if all is doing well with them. Yeihu answered him by saying, “What difference does it make to you as to how we are doing? Come behind us and join [in the rebellion against the king].” The lookout reported to the king that while he saw the rider reach the entourage the rider did not return.
    • A second rider is sent who also does not return: The king sent a second horse rider to greet the group and ask as to who they are and what they want. The rider arrived to Yeihu and asked him in the name of the king as to if all is doing well. Yeihu again responded to him as he did to the previous rider, “What difference does it make to you as to how we are doing? Come behind us and join [in the rebellion against the king].” The lookout again reported to the king that while he saw the rider reach the entourage the rider did not return. The lookout then added his assessment as to whom the entourage belonged to saying that “The driving of the entourage is like the driving of Yeihu the [grand[3]]son of Nimshi, who drives like a madman.”
    • Yoram goes himself to greet the entourage together with Achazia: Yehoram the king of Israel decided to personally ride in his chariot to greet Yeihu and see what was going on. Achaziah, the king of Yehuda, also joined him in his own chariot. They rode towards Yeihu, and found him in the territory of Navos the Yizralite. When Yehoram saw Yeihu, he asked him as to how he was doing, “Is there peace, Yeihu?” Yeihu replied to the king with insolence saying, “You are not worthy of peace. Is there peace is with the harlotries of Izevel your mother and her numerous sorceries?”
    • Yoram flees and is killed in the process: Yehoram realized that Yeihu has rebelled against him and so he turned his hands around on the harness of the horse and began to flee. As he was fleeing, he quickly warned Achaziah that he should flee as well as Yeihu has rebelled. Yeihu then put all of his strength into his bow, and struck Yehoram between his arms, and the arrow penetrated through his heart. Yoram [died and] fell in his chariot, onto his knees in a prostrating position.
    • Yeihu has the body of the king thrown into the field of Navos: Yeihu told his minister named Bidkar to carry the body of the king and discard it in the territory of the field of Navos the Yizralite. “For you remember when you and I were riding together behind Achav his father, when Hashem said a prophecy against him [through his prophet Eliyahu[4]] saying, “I indeed saw the blood of Navos and the blood of his children [who were also killed, or who could have been born and were not able to[5]] last night? I will seek retribution from you on this very plot of land.” Now [said Yeihu to his minister], pick up the corpse of Yoram and throw him into this plot of land as Hashem had instructed.”


    1. Yeihu kills Achaziyah, king of Yehuda:
    • Achaziah, the king of Yehuda, saw what was happening and he fled through the garden, and Yeihu chased after him. Yeihu then gave the instructions to strike him and kill him while he is in his chariot [as also Achaziah was from the household of Achav, and served idolatry[6]]. And so indeed, they struck him at the ascent of Gur which is near Yivleam, and Achaziah fled to Megiddo while injured and died there from his injuries. [In truth, Achaziah was captured in the city of Shomron, or alternatively killed in the city of Shomron, and the Mefarshim give different explanations as to how to merge this into the verses here, in order so it is not a contradiction.[7]]
    • Achaziah is buried in Jerusalem: The servants of Achaziah carried him in a chariot to Yerushalayim, and they buried him there in a grave together with his ancestors in the city of David. [Achaziah merit to be buried, unlike Yoram, due to the merit of his father Yehoshafat.[8]]
    • The year of the reign of Achaziah: Achaziah became king over Yehuda in the eleventh year of Yoram the son of Achav.


    1. Yeihu has Izevel killed:
    • Yeihu came to Yizrsel, and Izevel [the evil wife of Achav] heard [of his arrival in that he had killed Yoram and was most likely coming to kill her as well.]
    • Izevel puts on makeup and tries to appease Yeihu: Izevel put makeup on her eyes and adorned her head seductively with a kerchief , and looked out of the window [in wait for Yeihu’s arrival]. Yeihu arrived at the gate [where Izevel was located] and she called out to him and said, “How are you Zimri the killer of his masters?” [She metaphorically referred to Yeihu as Zimri, as he too had murdered his master, Basha, and intended to gain favor in his eyes by doing so hinting to him that she does not hold it against him as this is the way of the world.[9]]
    • Yeihu has Izevel thrown out the window and killed: Yeihu lifted his head up to the window and asked [those in the building] as to who is on his side. There were two or three ministers who looked out towards him [hinting to him that they are there to do his bidding]. Yeihu instructed them to push her out the window, and so they pushed her out. When she fell, some of her blood splattered on the wall and on the horses, and the horses trampled her.
    • Only bones remain of Izevel, and she is not buried: Yeihu sat down to eat and drink and instructed those with him to go out and bury Izevel, being that she is the daughter of a king. However, when they went out to fetch her body in order to bury her, the only thing that remained of her body was her skull, feet, and the palms of the hands [as the remainder of her body was eaten by dogs as Eliyahu had prophesized[10]]. [These parts of her body remain, in merit of that she would dance using her head, hands, and feet, in front of the bride and groom in order to rejoice them by their wedding.[11]] The messengers entrusted with the job of burying her returned and told Yeihu of what was left of her and Yeihu said that this was in fulfillment of the prophecy of God as he spoke through his prophet, Eliyahu the Tishbite, saying that “in the territory of Yizrael the dogs will devour the flesh of Izevel.” The corpse of Izevel remained like dung on the field in the territory of Yizrael. All this was done by God in order so she does not have a resting place which can be marked as the area of Izevel.

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