Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 10: Injustice, Ashur, Repentance

Chapter 10: Injustice, Ashur, Repentance

1.      Bemoaning injustice:

  • Woe to those who do injustice and pervert judgment.
  • They rob the poor, taking advantage the widows and orphans.
  • The punishments for such behavior: Destruction will come as a result of this behavior and you will need to flee without your riches. Ashur will be incited against the Jewish people as an extension of My hand to exact judgment for the above behavior. Jerusalem and its idols will be destroyed just as was done to the Shomron region.

2.      God will punish Ashur:

  • After the destruction of Jerusalem, I will visit retribution upon the king of Ashur, who is arrogant and haughty and believed that it is his strength and wisdom that allowed him to conquer Jerusalem.

3.      The repentance of the remaining Jews:

  • The remainder of the Jewish people will return to God. This will limit the destruction and extinguish God’s wrath and bring vengeance against their enemy Ashur.

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