Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 11: The personality of the Messiah and the future era

Chapter 11: The personality of the Messiah and future era

1.      The personality of the Messiah

  • His lineage: The Messiah will come from the descendants of Yishaiy.
  • His wisdom: The spirit of Hashem and a spirit of wisdom and understanding will rest upon him.
  • His judgment: He will have a spirit of counsel and heroism, and fear of Hashem. He will not judge and chastise others based on neither the sight of his eyes or with the hearing of his ears.
  • He will judge the poor justly, and will softly chastise the humble.
  • His power: He will smite the earth with his mouth and will put people to death with the breath of his lips.
  • His righteousness: His entire life will encompass righteousness and faith.

2.      The future era:

  • All creations will live in peace: A wolf will live in peace with a lamb, and a leopard will live in peace with a baby goat, and a calf will live in peace with a lion cub, and a small child will lead them.
  • A cow and a bear will graze together, and their offspring will get along.
  • No more carnivores: A lion will no longer eat meat and will rather eat straw just like cattle.
  • Peace between humans and snakes: An infant will play together with a snake and will not be injured.
  • No more destruction: There will be no longer any destruction in the world.
  • Knowledge will fill the world: The reason for all the above is because the land will be filled with the knowledge of G-d as water covers the sea.

3.      Messiah will gather the nations:

  • The nations of the world: All the nations will gather by the Messiah to inquire from him, and he will live in peace.
  • Gathering the Jewish people: On that day, Hashem will gather the rest of His people that have remained in Ashur, Egypt, Pasros, Cush, Eilam, Shinar, Chamas, and the islands of the sea. He will gather all the lost and scattered Jews from all four corners of the earth.
  • Peace between Ephraim and Yehuda: There will be peace between the tribes of Ephraim and Yehuda. They will no longer envy each other and no longer oppress each other.
  • Conquering the other nations: They will conquer the Philistines in the west, as well as those who live in the East. They will conquer Edom and Moav and Ammon.
  • Drying the sea and splitting the river so the lost Jews can travel: Hashem will cause the sea of Egypt to become dry. He will bring a wind over the river [of Bavel, i.e. the Euphrates[1]] and split it into seven streams [so the Jewish people can travel through it to the land of Israel].
  • Building a highway for travel for the dispersed of Israel: The above pathways will serve for Hashem to lead the people [to the land of Israel]. There will be a highway for all the lost Jews to travel through, just as a path was created for the Jewish people to travel from Egypt to Israel.

[1] Rashi 11:15

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