Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 3: The curses of Yeshayahu to Jerusalem

Chapter 3: The curses of Yeshayahu to Jerusalem

1. The curses of Yeshayahu to Jerusalem:

  • No food and water: Hashem removed from Jerusalem and from Judah bread and water.
  • No warriors, judges and Sages: There will be no warriors, or judges or prophets or Sages. There will be no military leaders.
  • Lads as leaders: Youths will be appointed as their princes, and weaklings will rule over them.
  • Men will go against one another: Man will stand up against man, with a youth standing up against elders and low lives against the honorable.
  • No teachers: There will not be any Scholars who will accept responsibility to teach the masses.
  • Female governors: Women will govern the Jewish people.
  • The sins of the Jewish people: You have stolen from vineyard and from the poor.
  • The sins of the Jewish women: The daughters of Zion are haughty; and they walk with an outstretched neck and winking eyes, raising themselves as they walk, with their feet spouting venom [to arouse the men in promiscuity[1]].
  • The punishment to the women: Hashem will smite the crown off the heads of the daughters of Zion. He will remove their shoes and their hairdos and hair ornaments, as well as their necklaces and bracelets and veils, and foot chains and earrings. He will remove their rings and nose-rings. He will remove their tunics and bedspreads and tablecloths and purses. The area of the body where they sprayed perfume will decay and the area where the girdle was placed will be wounded. They will become bald. All their beauty will be switched for ugliness.
  • Losing men to war: The men, including their heroes, will fall by the sword in war.


[1] Rashi 3:16

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