Yeshayahu Chapter 55: The redemption, and A call to study Torah and repent

Chapter 55: The redemption, and A call to study Torah and repent

  • A call to study Torah: Let every man who is thirsty for wisdom go to water, which is the study Torah, to drink, and let every man who does not have money to hire a teacher, let him purchase Torah without money and without price.
  • Why should you study secular wisdom and pay much money for their teachings from which no benefit will be seen.
  • The Messiah: The Messiah will call onto the nations to serve G-d and he will become the ruler over all the nations of the world.
  • Gentile nations serving the Jewish people: In the future era, even a nation who does not know of the Jewish people will come running in order to serve them being that G-d dwells within you and causes your glory to shine.
  • A call for repentance: Look for G-d when He is found and call onto Him when He is close. Let every man leave his sinful ways and return to G-d, and then G-d will have compassion upon him as He is most forgiving.
  • G-d is above human intellect and understanding: The thoughts of G-d are not like the thoughts of man, and neither are his actions like the actions of man. As distanced as the heavens are from Earth is the distance between our human understanding to that of G-d’s.
  • All the mountains will sing to G-d: With joy the Jewish people will leave the exile. The mountains and valleys will explode with song and all of the trees of the field will clap in joy.

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