Yeshayahu Chapter 56: Hasten the redemption through charity and justice

Chapter 56: Hasten the redemption through charity and justice

  • Performing justice and charity: So says G-d, guard justice and perform charity as redemption and salvation is very close to coming.
  • Guarding Shabbos: Praised is the man who guards the Sabbath from desecrating it and guards his hand from performing evil.
  • The reward for Converts: Let all of the converts and those who have no children be aware that through guarding my Shabbos, I will make for them a hand and name that is even greater then children, and that will never be cut off.
  • The house of G-d: All the nations who convert and keep my Shabbos from desecrating it and serve G-d with love and become His servant and guard His covenant, then they too will be brought to My holy mountain and rejoice in My house of prayer. Their sacrifices will be accepted willingly on My altar, as my house is the house of prayer for all nations.
  • Gathering the exiles: So says G-d, that He will gather the dispersed of Israel and He will also gather the Gentile nations who desire to join Israel and serve G-d.
  • The indifference of the leaders: The leaders do not pay attention to the suffering of Israel and are all like blind people who cannot see, and like guard dogs which do not know how to bark. Like a dog who is too busy eating his meal to pay attention to the sheep that he is guarding. The leaders are all free to chase after their own lusts and desires, such as the drinking of wine and beer, and always looking forward to the next drunken party.

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