Yeshayahu Chapter 59: The redemption is delayed Due to sins

Chapter 59: The redemption is delayed Due to sins

  • G-d would redeem you if not for your sins: Indeed, the hand of G-d is not short, and He is able to redeem the Jewish people. It is only due to sins which separate the Jewish people from G-d that the redemption has yet to come.
  • The sins that they are guilty of: Your hands are dripping with blood and your fingers with sin. Your lips speak falsehood, and your tongue speaks of injustice. There is no one who cries for righteousness, and they break promises with ease. They scheme other people like a spider who spins its web to catch its prey. Their feet run towards the performance of evil and spill innocent blood. They do not know the ways of peace and walk as if they are blind not knowing what direction to go. These sins are chasing after us to prosecute us. The truth has become a rarity and people who fear G-d are considered strange. G-d sees that there is not one person for whose merit redemption can come.
  • Yilbash Tzedaka Kashiryon: G-d wears righteousness and salvation as his honor.
  • Uva Letziyon Goal: The Redeemer, the Messiah, will come to Zion, for those who repent their sins.
  • Veani Zos Brisi: This is my covenant, says G-d, the word that I place in your mouth, which is the Torah of the Jewish people shall never leave their mouth and shall not leave the mouth of their descendants for all generations and forever.

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