Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 13: The fall of Babylon

Chapter 13: The fall of Babylon

1. A prophecy of the destruction of Babylon:

  • The following is the prophecy of calamities that will befall Babylon which Yeshaya the son of Amotz prophesied.

2. A call to those who will destroy Babylon:

  • I have called on my warriors [i.e. the armies of Persia and Media, Koreish and Daryaveish[1]] to come enter the gates of the nobles of Babylon and to seek revenge [for their actions against my nation].
  • They will come with their multitudes from distant lands with many weapons to destroy the land of Babylon.
  • This day in which G-d will raid the nation of Babylon is very nearby.

3. The panic that will ensue in Babylon:

  • They will cause all of the hands of the enemy to grow weak with fear and will cause their hearts to melt.
  • They will panic like a woman in middle of birth.
  • The wrath of G-d will be desolate all of the land and all of it sooner shall be annihilated.
  • The world will darken upon them, and their light will no longer illuminate.
  • Man will become more valuable than gold.

4. The great devastation of the people:

  • They will be like a scattered and wandering sheep who have no leader, and each man will return to his land and nation.
  • Whichever man is found will be killed by the sword.
  • Their babies will be killed before their eyes their houses and their houses will be loaded and their wives will be raped.
  • The median Army who I will bring against them will not care for silver or gold [and will only seek revenge against them[2]].
  • They will not take pity even on the newborns and children.
  • The beauty of Babylon will be overturned like that of Sodom and Gomorrah.
  • Even the Bedouin Arabs will not settle their tents there due to the great dissolution of the land which will not be fit for any purpose.
  • It will be in the state of desolation forever and from one generation to the next.
  • The land will be filled with wild birds and ostriches as well as demons.
  • It’s palaces and temples will be filled with cats and snakes.



[1] Rashi 13:3

[2] Rashi 13:17

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