Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 14: The Rise of the Jewish people and fall of Babylon

Chapter 14: The Rise of the Jewish people and fall of Babylon


1. The return of the Jewish people:

  • Returning the Jewish people to their land: G-d will have mercy on His people and eventually return them to His land.
  • Converts: There will be Gentiles who will join the Jewish people back to their land and convert to the Jewish religion.
  • Reconquering the land: The Jewish people will we inherit the land and take the inhabitants for slaves, and hence those who captured them will now themselves become their captives.
  • Time to rest from the oppression: On that day the Jewish people will rest from all of their pain and sorrow that they were forced to serve through.


2. The fall of the king of Babylon:

  • The following is the parable regarding what will happen to the king of Babylon.
  • G-d will break the rule of those who govern.
  • The prophet scoffs at the king of Babylon who has fallen from his glory.
  • You the king of Babylon, your dead corpse will be thrown onto the streets in order to be oppressed.
  • Also the children and descendants of the king of Babylon will be annihilated so they never take the throne again.
  • The above will occur not just to Babylon but to all of the evil nations.
  • The above prophecy took place in the year of the passing of King Achaz.
  • The poor of the Jewish people will return to their glory.

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