Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 15: A prophecy of the destruction of Moav

Chapter 15: A prophecy of the destruction of Moav

  • The following is a prophecy concerning the nation of Moav and its being conquered by Sancheirev.
  • Its destruction: The country will be ransacked while they sleep silently at night.
  • The mourning: They will wear sackcloth and cry and shave their heads in mourning for their country.
  • Their cry will be heard for some distance.
  • No water or vegetation in the country: There will be no water in the country due to pollution of the blood of those slain and this will cause all the vegetation to dry up and vanish.
  • Fleeing the country: The inhabitants will flee and carry their wealth out of the country.
  • Killed by lions: Those who remain in the country and do not flee will be killed by the lion [i.e. Sancheirev[1]].


[1] Rashi 15:9

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