Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 18: the war against Ashur & Gog Umagog

Chapter 18: the war against Ashur & Gog Umagog

  • In this chapter of prophecies the prophet calls upon the nation of Cush to wage war against Ashur. Alternatively, the prophecy refers to the end of days and is in reference to the war of Gog Umagog.[1]
  • The kings of Cush were accustomed to sending boats amongst the seas to deal with the various nations.
  • You will see the salvation of the Jewish people and hear of it with the sound of the shofar.
  • The birds of the mountains and beasts of the earth will eat the corpses of the victims of war.
  • At that time all the nations of the world will bring a gift to G-d.


[1] The verses in this chapter are very cryptic and contains various interpretations as to their meaning. See Meam Loez ibid for a summary of the various interpretations of the prophecy in this chapter.

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