Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 19: A prophecy regarding the fall of Egypt

Chapter 19: A prophecy regarding the fall of Egypt

  • The following is a prophecy regarding the nation of Egypt.
  • Fear of G-d: When G-d will appear in Egypt idols will tremble before Him and the people will melt from His presence.
  • Civil War: A civil war will break out in Egypt and man will fight against his fellow. One city will fight another city and one province will fight against another province.
  • No counsel from idolatry: The citizens of Egypt will lose all morale and will turn to their idol’s idolatries and sorceries for counsel which I will reject.
  • Ruled by foreign nation: The Egyptian nation will be ruled by a harsh master and mighty king. So says G-d.
  • No more water in Egypt: The water in the sea and in the Nile River will become dry and barren. The rivers will no longer carry water and the canals will become devastated with all the reeds and vegetation dried up then destroyed.
  • No fish: There will no longer be any fish available for the fishermen to catch.
  • No flax or material: There will be no material left for those who work with flax and weave nets.
  • Walking like a drunkard without wisdom or counsel: The wise men of Egypt will have no advice to give and will give foolish counsel which will cause Egypt to stumble to the point that Egypt will walk in a drunken state and wallow in its vomit.
  • Like a woman: On that day Egypt will become like a woman and become weak and fearful.
  • Populated by Judah: The land of Egypt will become populated by Jews who will worship G-d there by slaughtering sacrifices to G-d and swearing by his name and they will speak the same language as in the land of Canaan. This altar serves as a source of salvation for the Jewish people who are there and are oppressed.
  • Egypt will repent: After these events, Egypt will repent from their ways and recognize G-d and serve Him by sacrificing to Him and swearing by His name.
  • Plagues in Egypt: G-d will strike Egypt with plagues and then heal them after they pray to Him in order to cause them to return to G-d.
  • Peace between Assyria and Egypt: Peace will be made between the nations of Assyria and Egypt, and they will travel to each other’s lands through a Highway there will be built between.
  • The return of glory of the nation of Israel: The nation of Israel will also be of the same stature of glory as Assyria and Egypt and will be one of the three great nations of the world.

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