Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 23: The destruction of Tzur

Chapter 23: The destruction of Tzur

  • The following is a prophecy concerning Tzur:
  • A pillage of the homes: When the ships from Tarshish arrived at the city of Tzur it became known that the entire city was pillaged without any house remaining.
  • Suffering in silence: The residents of Tzur were silent in their suffering due to shame.
  • A center of commerce: The city was a great center of commerce, receiving shipments of products from all over the world.
  • The panic of Egypt: When Egypt heard of the destruction of Tzur they panicked.
  • The exile of its citizens: The people of Tzur will go into exile.
  • The plan of G-d: This was all planned by G-d in order, so the nations of the world see and take lesson for their behavior.
  • The city will be destroyed by a people that was recently established by Ashur, for this purpose of destroying the city.
  • Seventy years desolation from commerce: The city will be forgotten from memory of the businessman for a period of 70 years, which is the years of reign of the king.
  • It’s revival as a city of commerce: At the end of the 70 years it will be like the song of a harlot, it will play music to attract the nations to do business with it, and G-d will reinstate the city to its glory and do business with all of the kingdoms that are on the face of the earth.


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