Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 28: A prophecy of the destruction of Efraim and Judah

Chapter 28: A prophecy of the destruction of Efraim and Judah

  • A prophecy wailing the fall of the Empire of Efraim.
  • Destruction of the land: G-d will bring a strong and powerful wind and hail to bring destruction upon the land.
  • Salvation for Judah: However, G-d will bring salvation for the rest of the people of Judah, even though they too have greatly sinned and strayed due to the wine causing justice to stumble.
  • Tables of vomit: All their tables were filled with vomit and feces.
  • No one will listen to the prophecy-Tzav Latzav, Kav Lakav, Zeir Sham: There is no one left for the prophet to preach and teach to, as they are all like children. Due to this, he can only teach them in small increments of G-d’s prophecy, which would not allow him to get a full picture. Furthermore, they have a response for every prophecy that the prophet says regarding a calamity that will befall them if they do not repent.
  • A call to the people to listen to G-d: Therefore, listen to the word of Hashem you people who are in Jerusalem, as you had made a pact with deceit and falsehood, and I will bring justice and sweep away falsehood.
  • A prophecy of destruction: I tell you that the land will be destroyed, and calamities will befall you, but you will only notice it after it happens. Do not take these words lightly as they will occur, And hence please take heed of my voice and prophecy.
  • An allegory from agriculture: Just as in agriculture, there are various steps necessary in order to get flour from grain, and the farmer will do all of the steps meticulously and in order, so too G-d will go through various steps to give reproof to the land of Judah to bring them to repentance

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