Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 29: The state of the Jerusalem residents & the salvation

Chapter 29: The state of the Jerusalem residents & the salvation

  • No more festivals: Woe to you the city of Jerusalem, the city where David lived, that your festivals will be abolished.
  • Oppression: I will oppress your city and cause you to moan in pain and mourning.
  • The siege: I will bring the enemy [i.e. Sancheirev] to surround the city walls and place the city under siege.
  • The despair: You will cry to me in such a dire state that your voice will appear as if it is coming from under the earth.
  • Sudden salvation: G-d will bring sudden salvation for you and visit tyranny upon the enemy through thunder and earthquakes ferocious winds and fire. Thus making the dreams of the enemy to conquer Jerusalem into a fairytale, and like the dream of a thirsty man for water.
  • A word for the sinners to wake up and recognize G-d’s greatness: Pay attention and see the mighty hand of G-d which has fallen upon the enemy. You act like a drunk person who cannot pay attention understand what is happening and how G-d is coming for your protection. A spirit of deep sleep has fallen upon you which prevents you from opening your eyes and seeing the truth. It is as if you were given a book to read but you claim that I can’t read it because it is sealed.
  • Habitual observance of Torah: Even your performance of the mitzvahs and study of Torah is merely habitual without any true meaning or feeling of the heart to become close to Me. You fear me out of habit and not due to true fear.
  • No more wisdom: Due to this, I will be forced to set upon you wondrous calamities, to the point that you will lose all your wise men and wisdom will become concealed from you.
  • Thinking you can hide your sins from G-d: Woe to you that you think that you can sin and hide from G-d and that He will not know what you are doing. Is not G-d the one who formed you and knows everything about you? Does the person who made the pottery not know about the pottery?  
  • The promise of plenty if you repent: if you repent for your sins then in a short amount of time all the wealth and prosperity will return to your land, and your trees grow much fruit of pleasure. At that time, those who played as if they were deaf and blind and could not see the Providence of G-d will have to admit to it, while those who suffered shall have increased joy in G-d.
  • The banishing of sinners: The tyrants and violent individuals who opposed G-d and caused other men to sin and mislead the righteous through fraud will be removed from your midst. When they see the greatness of my hand and my province, they will learn a lesson and repent from their ways

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