Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 30: Don’t turn to Egypt for help and the fall of Assyria

Chapter 30: Don’t turn to Egypt for help and the fall of Assyria

  • Do not turn to Egypt for help: Wayward children, do not try to scheme against the upcoming siege of Jerusalem and ask from Egypt to come to your aid to battle the Assyrian enemy. You speak with the ministers of Egypt but do not speak to Me. You choose to find shelter in Egypt [but not in Me]. This attempted reliance on Egypt will in the end come to your shame as all of the gold and riches that you will take with you on your arduous journey through the desert to reach Egypt and bribe its ministers will be fruitless. If you think Egypt will help you, you are living in denial.
  • Documenting the prophecy: G-d commanded the prophet to document this prophecy on paper. He directed the prophet to write of the rebellious state of the Jewish people and how they are like children who refuse to listen to G-d’s command.
  • An attempt to manipulate the prophets: They instructed their sages and prophets to not tell them any harsh prophecies and rather tell them only matters of joy. They asked them to direct them similar to the other nations of the world and not in the path of G-d. You have despised the Torah and rather placed your trust in the ways of falsehood.
  • The punishment: Due to this, you will be punished by having the enemy come upon you at first slowly, and then as the breaking of the wall of a dam which will cause immediate destruction.
  • An opportunity to return and be saved: G-d gives you the chance to return to Him and rely on Him to battle the enemy will you sit quietly and securely, although you did not desire this. You chose to rather rely on your horses in battle than to rely on Him.
  • Fleeing from the enemy: Accordingly, you will flee the enemy on your horses rather than battle the enemy with them. 1000 of you will flee from the shout of one of the enemy soldiers and all of you will flee from the shout of five enemy soldiers.
  • A delay of the redemption: Because of your behavior, your redemption will be delayed and praised be the one who still anticipates it as it will surely come.
  • A promise for redemption: Indeed, a day will come in which the nation sitting in Jerusalem will no longer need to cry to G-d for help and rather G-d in his own will save the Jewish people as soon as they turn to him.
  • Seeing the hand of G-d in blessing and salvation: Even when the enemy will place you under siege and cause you to have limited amounts of bread and water, G-d will not hide from you and your eyes will see your master. If you only desire to follow the path of G-d, G-d will help you. You will then despise your idols, seeing that they are not necessary.
  • A blessing in agriculture: G-d will bring rain to your land and cause all your produce to grow fat and large. It will be of such abundance that your cattle will eat from it. There will also be an abundance of water on all of the mountains and valleys. All this will happen on the day of the fall of the enemy.
  • The moon will shine like the sun: On that day, the light of the moon will shine like the light of the sun and the light of the sun will shine seven times greater than normal and will be similar to the light that shown during the seven days of creation. On that day G-d will heal the Jewish people from the treachery of Assyria.
  • Destruction of Assyria: G-d will blow away the Army of Assyria like wind blows away flour. He will throw upon them a fury of anger, with flames of fire and bursting and storming rains and hailstones.
  • The song of praise to G-d: The Jewish people will sing a song of praise to G-d on the night of the festival regarding the downfall of the Army of Assyria. All the cities which the armies of Assyria destroyed will now rejoice over their downfall with drums and harps.

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