Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 33: A prophecy regarding Assyria

Chapter 33: a prophecy regarding Assyria

  • The pillaging of Assyria in revenge for their pillaging: Woe to you king of Assyria [i.e. Sancheirev], who has treacherously ransacked other nations but has not himself been ransacked. When you are done your taking the spoils, the Jewish people will do to you what you did for them.
  • Hoping in G-d: The Jewish people turn to G-d and said, please G-d be gracious to us be our salvation time of trouble
  • The nations become frightened from the destruction of Assyria: The sound of the angel of G-d caused the soldiers of Assyria to die and flee to every direction.
  • Collecting the spoils of Sancheirev: The spoils of Sancheirev will be gathered by the Jewish people, similar to the locusts gathering from the field.
  • Trust in G-d and fear of Him: The strong belief in G-d that the Jewish people had in G-d became for them a strength of salvation. Fear of G-d is the treasurer of the Jewish people.
  • The land’s destruction: They cried upon seeing the destruction of the cities of Judah. The roads in Israel have become desolate. The enemy treated the Jewish captives inhumanely. The enemy destroyed the land of Israel, destroying is plantation.
  • G-d’s salvation: After this took place, G-d said now I will rise to seek vengeance against the enemy. The Army of Assyria is planning the conquest of Jerusalem; however, they will be quickly destroyed like a fire consumes brush.
  • The people’s repentance: When the sinners of Israel see this they will repent from their ways and be filled with fear over G-d’s hand and the possible punishment for their sins. G-d, however, will give them a path forward in which they will lead an honest and righteous life without taking bribery and causing others oppression, and then
  • they will be protected and secure in the land under their king which his beauty they will see.
  • The Assyrian people: The Assyrian people speak a strange language. It is difficult to understand their speech as they stammer and stutter when they talk.
  • Security of Jerusalem: The Jewish people will merit to see Jerusalem once again dwelling in security, as an unshakable tent. No enemy will be able to conquer Jerusalem, as G-d will be our judge, leader, parliamentarian, and king and he will save us from all of our enemies. Those who dwell in the city will be forgiven for their sin.

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