Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 34: A prophecy of retribution to the Gentiles who oppressed the Jewish people

Chapter 34: A prophecy of retribution to the Gentiles who oppressed the Jewish people

1. Death of the enemy armies:

  • Let all the nations come forward and listen. The wrath of G-d will spill forth against the nations, and all of their armies will be cut off and given over to death.
  • The abundance of corpses: Their corpses will be thrown around the city without burial, and their abundance of blood will cause the mountains to melt.
  • Their angelic ministers will be struck with fear: Their celestial and angelic ministers will also be demoted and stricken with fear.

2. A prophecy against Edom:

  • G-d will bring to justice the entire nation of Edom.
  • Death to the inhabitants: The sword of G-d will be filled with the blood and fats of the enemy, including their highest aristocrats and leaders. There will be a slaughter in the city of Basra, and a great slaughter in the land of Edom. Their land will become filled with blood and fat of the dead.
  • Vengeance for Israel: It has come time to seek vengeance against Edom for all their atrocities against the Jewish people.
  • Devastation of the land: Their channels and rivers will turn into tar and the earth into sulfur. Their land will find no rest from the fires burning and will remain destroyed forever in devastation without travelers.
  • A habitat for wild animals and demons: It will be inhabited by wild animals and birds. Its palaces will become deserted and grow mold and weeds, becoming a habitat for crocodiles and dangerous birds. It will be filled with demons, and there will be the dwelling place of Lilith. It is G-d who decides the dwelling place of the animals.

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