Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 39: A prophecy of the pillaging of the treasures of Chizkiyah

Chapter 39: a prophecy of the pillaging of the treasures of Chizkiyah

  • King of Babylon sends gifts to Chizkiyah: After Chizkiyah was healed from his illness, Merodach-baladan the son of Baladan the king of Babylon sent a cordial letter together with gifts to king Chizkiyah, after having heard of his miraculous recovery.
  • Chizkiyah rejoices with the Babylonian emissaries: Chizkiyah was very happy over the emissaries who came to bless him, and he showed them all of the treasures of his palace, including all of his gold and silver and spices and oils. There was not one matter of significance that he did not show them within his palace and treasures that are throughout the kingdom.
  • Yeshayahu inquires about the visitors: Yeshayahu inquired from king Chizkiyah as to the identity of the visitors and as to where they came from to which Chizkiyah replied that they came from a distanced land of Babylon. Yeshayahu asked him as to what they saw in his home and king Chizkiyah replied that he showed them everything in his home and that there was nothing in his treasures that he did not show them.
  • A prophecy of doom from Yeshayahu: In response, Yeshayahu told Chizkiyah to listen to a prophecy from G-d; “There will come a day that everything in your home and that you and your forefathers have gathered in the treasury, will be carried away to Babylon as spoils. Nothing will remain. So says G-d. Your descendants will be taken captive by the king of Babylon, and they will become officers in the palace of the king of Babylon.
  • The response of Chizkiyah: Chizkiyah responded in the positive to the prophecy, rejoicing over the fact that at least during his days this will not occur.

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