Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 40: A prophecy of comfort for the Jewish people

Chapter 40: A prophecy of comfort for the Jewish people

  • Nachamu Nachamu Ami: G-d has said that He will comfort and console His nation.
  • The time will come that we will speak to the heart of Jerusalem as their sin has been cleansed, with the two exiles that they have experienced.
  • A path Jerusalem: Make a path for the Jewish people to return to Jerusalem and the Temple.
  • Flattening of the land: All valleys will be elevated, and all mountains will be flattened.
  • Seeing G-d: G-d’s glory will be revealed before all, and every flesh will together see the glory of G-d as G-d has spoken.
  • The fall of the Gentile enemy nations: The Gentile enemy nations will wither away like a plant that dries out.
  • Proclaiming the redemption: Climb onto a tall mountain and loudly proclaim the redemption to the people, encouraging them that they have nothing to fear as G-d is with them. The redemption will be brought with great strength from G-d, and G-d will gather all the exiles of the Jewish nation back to their homeland. G-d controls all of the earth and He will decide what to do with it without anyone able to hold Him back. All the nations of the world are considered like naught before Him.
  • G-d’s greatness and capability: The prophet now recites several verses relating to the greatness of G-d, his providence over the world, and all that He provides.
  • Look up to the heavens and see who created these.

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