Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 41: A prophecy of encouragement for the Jewish people and chastising to the Gentile nations

Chapter 41: A prophecy of encouragement for the Jewish people and chastising to the Gentile nations

  • Hashem will help the Jewish people in a miraculous way: Listen oh nations. Do you really not believe that G-d can help the Jewish people overcome you? Who is the one who performed all the miracles for Abraham in his war against the four kings? I am the one who helped him in a miraculous manner. All the nations of the world saw this and became frightened and came to him to give them presents.
  • Each man shall help his friend and tell his brother to strengthen his ways.
  • Hashem shows a Jewish people who are faithful to Him: Despite all this the nations continued serving idolatry and in encouraging each other to do so. However the Jewish people remained faithful to Me, and therefore I have chosen Jacob the descendants of my beloved Abraham.
  • Trust in G-d that he will save you from your enemies: The prophet now encourages the Jewish people to have faith in G-d that he will help them and protect them from the nations and that the evil nations will fall. I G-d will help you be victorious over even the mightiest nations and obliterate them, and hence you shall rejoice in G-d.
  • Hashem will provide water to the thirsty: The paupers look for water and there is none to be found and are hence dehydrating from thirst. However, G-d says that he will not forsake the Jewish people and he will provide them with water by bringing rivers to the mountains and wellsprings to the balance, and lakes to the deserts. Even deserted land will have water. I will provide an abundance of necessities in all of the places you are in to give you food and shade and enjoyment. This will be done so everybody will see that it is G-d who is providing you
  • Prompting the Gentile nations to bring their claims: The prophet turns to the nations of the world and confronts themfor still serving idolatry and asks them to provide any proof for their way of service and religion. He says to them, you are in truth serving nothing, as there is no substance to your deities, and it is filled with lies and deceit. You have no real prophets and everything they have said has turned out to be lies.
  • A prophecy of rebuilding the second temple: G-d will arouse the king from the north, and he will come to Israel to rebuild the temple.

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