Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 42: The greatness of the Messiah

Chapter 42: The greatness of the Messiah

  • G-d’s support of the Messiah: My servant king Messiah, I will support him. I will place my spirit upon him, and the Gentile nations will seek him to give judgment.
  • His righteousness in judgment: He will not need to shout or scream his opinion and rather people will come near him to hear what he has to say. The nations will want to learn his teachings.
  • A light onto the people: King Messiah will open the blinded eyes of the nation and release from physical and spiritual imprisonment those who were physically and spiritually incarcerated in darkness.
  • A new song: A new song will be sung for G-d in the time of the redemption proclaiming the miracles that will take place.
  • Destroying the enemy kingdoms: The enemy kingdoms will be destroyed on behalf of Israel.
  • Encouraging the Jewish people to return: G-d will pay a path for the Jewish people to return and open the eyes of the blind.
  • Suffering was due to sin: All the previous suffering of the Jewish people was all due to sin and the fact that they did not go in the ways of G-d and had forsaken the study of Torah.

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