Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 44: Assisting the Jewish people and returning the divine presence

Chapter 44: Assisting the Jewish people and returning the divine presence

  • Do not fear: Listen my servant Jacob whom I have chosen. G-d who has created you is informing you not to fear the enemy.
  • Resting the divine presence: I will rest the divine presence on your descendants.
  • Idolatry: The nations of the world foolishly worship idolatry, making idols from iron and from wood in the form of a man to be stored in their home. This is very foolish, as the remaining wood is used for fire and cooking, and hence how can the other part of the wood be suddenly viewed as a deity to worship and pray to it, asking it to save one from a time of distress. Those who made these idols have their eyes filled with cement, and their hearts blocked from any intellectualization. They do not take a moment to contemplate the fact that the other part of the wood of this idol was used for firewood to bake bread.
  • Remember you the Jewish people the foolishness of the idol making industry, and remain loyal as a servant to G-d.
  • Forgiving the Jewish people: I have forgiven your sins in the past, and so I will do in the future if you repent, and so I will redeem you.
  • Redeeming the Jewish people: The heavens and earth will sing to G-d when he redeems the Jewish people. G-d is all capable and has made the heavens and earth alone. He can uproot the words of the sorcerers and cause sages to speak with foolishness. G-d will make the words of the prophet come to fruition regarding the redemption of the Jewish people, and the return to Jerusalem and the cities of Judah. He will dry the rivers and wellsprings of Babylon. He will send king Koresh to Jerusalem to help rebuild it and the temple.

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