Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 47: The fall and punishment of Babylon

Chapter 47: The fall and punishment of Babylon

  • You the pampered nation of Babylon will no longer be pampered and will be brought down to the dust. You will be forced to grind flour and remove your clothing from your legs when you cross the river.
  • I will seek vengeance against Babylon and their nakedness will be revealed. The Redeemer of Israel will do all this to you. You will no longer be considered an elite amongst the nations.
  • Due to the cruelty of Babylon: Although I became angry with my nation and destroyed their inheritance and handed them over to your hands, you do not act compassionately with them and on the contrary, you made life difficult even for the elderly.
  • You didn’t think for a moment that perhaps your defenses are penetrable and that your mighty heights of governing may fall to the ground. In one day you will become a widow, and your witchcraft will not be able to assist you. The evil will come upon you suddenly without warning and you will not know how to defend against it.


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