Yeshayahu/Isaiah Chapter 8: Prophecy Regarding Sancheirev

Chapter 8: Prophecy Regarding Sancheirev


1. Hashem instructs Yeshayahu to write the prophecies:

  • Hashem said to me, “Take for yourself a large scroll, and write on it regarding [Sancheirev and Nevuchadnetzar[1] and] how they will take all the spoils of the ten tribes and Jerusalem.
  • Uriah the priest and Zechariah the son of Yevarechiah, will testify [to the prophecy written in the scroll[2]].
  • Yeshayahu has a child born to him:
  • I was intimate with [my wife[3]] the prophetess, and she conceived, and she bore me a son.
  • His name: Hashem appeared to me and said that I should name him “Maher-shalal-chash-baz,” [as an omen that the prophecy written in the scroll will transpire[4]].
  • The conquering of the land will take place before the child can speak: Hashem said to me that prior to my son knowing to say the words Father and mother, the wealth of Damascus and the plunder of Samaria shall be carried off before the king of Assyria [i.e. Shalmaneser[5]].
  • A further prophecy of the conquering of Israel and the land of Judah:
  • Hashem continued to speak to me saying: My people have rejected the monarchy of David, and instead accepted the monarchy of Retzin and Ben Remaliah. Therefore, Hashem is bringing up against them the mighty and massive armies of Assyria [i.e. Sancheirev], and they will conquer the land of Israel like a water floods an entire nation. They will reach into the lands of Judah and conquer it up until the city of Jerusalem which is considered the head and neck of the Jewish people, Immanuel [which is a nickname for the state of Judah[6]].
  • They will not be successful in conquering Jerusalem: Yeshayahu advises and counsels the Army of Sancheirev that they should prepare for their downfall when they try to conquer Jerusalem, and he then says the famous verse of “Utzu Eitza Vesufar, Dabra Davar Velo Yakum Ki Imanu Keil,” expressing that all of their schemes and efforts to conquer Jerusalem will fail, and there will be their downfall as G-d is with us.
  • Yeshayahu encourages the Jewish people to stay faithful to king Chizkiyahu:
  • Hashem spoke to me with an overwhelming power of prophecy, and He admonished for following the path of the majority of the people in not heeding to the opinion of King Chizkiyahu [and by rather supporting Shavna in his attempt to make peace with Sancheirev].
  • He encouraged the minority of followers who remained faithful to king Chizkiyahu to remain steadfast and not fear.
  • They should also not join the majority who are claiming that they should capitulate to Sancheirev, and not join the 10 tribes who are making allies with Egypt. Rather, they should only fear G-d.
  • The downfall of Sancheirev and his collaborators:
  • Those who consulted and collaborated for the downfall of the kingdom of David, they will stumble and break [and indeed both Pakach and Shavna were eventually killed[7]].
  • I wait for Hashem to fulfill these prophecies regarding the kingdom of Israel and house of David.
  • The Torah of the Jewish people will be saved by those students of Torah who continue the faith.
  • Yeshayahu now explains to the Jewish people that they should seek G-d for prophecies and not the methods of the Gentile nations.
  • Yeshayahu speaks of the downfalls of those who rebelled, and of the false prophets.


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