Yud Gimmel Middos by Ashkenazi Minyan

Question: [Sunday 9th Iyar 5780]

I am currently davening from my window with a minyan that is just beyond a small parking lot with no street or sidewalk intervening.  However, they daven nusach Ashkenaz and don’t say the yud gimmel middos during tachanun.  Being that I am participating in the minyan can I say the yud gimmel middos even if they don’t?  Also, they daven looking straight ahead from the plaza just outside their shul, which is probably because that’s the direction of their Aron Kodesh inside the shul. However, Yerushalayim is a bit diagonal and not straight ahead.  How should I face both when davening with them and also when not davening with them, as they are not there for Mincha or Maariv?


1) The Yud Gimmel Middos cannot be recited unless a Minyan of ten people are reciting it together. Thus, unfortunately, you cannot say it even though you may be part of the Minyan. See here for the full details of this subject: https://shulchanaruchharav.com/halacha/reciting-the-13-attributes-of-mercy-without-a-minyan-in-the-torah-reading-tune/

2) You should always face towards Jerusalem, whatever direction that is from your current position. However, there is no need to face Jerusalem from a position that will disturb your concentration, and in such a case you may certainly turn slightly to your left or right, and if necessary, even Daven not facing Jerusalem all-together.

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