Zecher Lachurban-Commemorating the Destruction-Introduction

This Halacha is an excerpt from our Sefer

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The Sages[1] state that whoever mourns the destruction of Yerushalayim will merit to see it in a time of joy [when it is reconstructed]. In commemoration for the destruction of the Temple the Sages instituted various restrictions which commemorate the destruction. Naturally, different positions were taken by people in how to continuously mourn the destruction. The Gemara[2] tells us that there were people who would not eat meat or drink wine out of mourning for the fact that the Karbanos and wine libations could no longer be brought to the Temple. The Sages argued against this practice, saying that according to this approach nothing should be permitted to be eaten, as the Bikurim has ceased, and the Menachos have ceased, and the water libation has ceased, and there will thus be left nothing for the Jewish people to eat. The Gemara concludes that one needs to have a balanced approach towards the mourning. On the one hand, one cannot do without any mourning customs, being that the Sages already made their decree, and on the other hand one cannot have too many mourning customs. One is thus to follow the instructions of the Sages regarding those areas that mourning is required and not be stringent in those areas that decrees were never made. The following chapter will discuss the topics that the Sages restricted out of mourning for the Temple.


[1] Bava Basra 60b

[2] Bava Basra 60b

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