Daily Halacha Wednesday-Halachic Hazards relating to raising livestock and owning pets:

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Halachic Hazards relating to raising livestock and owning pets:

Calves-Raising a calf born to one’s animal:[1] [Tzavah of Rav Yehuda Hachassid/Achronim]

One is not to raise a calf that was born from one’s animal. [This matter is mere good advice and not an actual prohibition as is evident from the Talmud.[2] However, the world is not accustomed to being stringent in this, and those who raise calves have upon whom to rely, as Shomer Pesaim Hashem.[3]]


Cow-A cow which bore twin calves, chicken which laid two eggs:[4] [Tzavah of Rav Yehuda Hachassid/Achronim]

If a cow bore twin calves or a chicken laid two eggs, then it is to be slaughtered right away [at that moment[5], or at least within 24 hours[6]]. [One is to slaughter the chicken, and both the mother cow and its calves.[7] However, if one desires to delay slaughtering the calves until they are older, then one may do so.[8] One should be stringent in this even if the calves were not born together but rather one after the other, with some time in between.[9] Some Poskim[10] rule that as an alternative to slaughtering the calves and the mother cow, one can simply sell it to a Gentile, or trade it with other animals of a Gentile. However, it does not suffice to sell a pregnant cow to a Gentile prior to birth in order to avoid this worry.[11]]


Cats [Talmud/Rishonim/Achronim]

Not to feed human blood to a cat:[12] One who feeds the blood of a human to a cat, causes the person from whom the blood originated from to become weak.

Cat in home:[13] One is not to walk barefoot in a house with a cat inside as perhaps he has killed a snake and left its fangs on the floor which can penetrate one’s skin. [Practically, however, there is no longer a need to be careful in this.[14]]

Black cat:[15] It is forbidden to kill a black cat due to danger.


Doves and pigeons-Having a pet dove or pigeon:[16] [Kabbalah/Achronim]

It is not a good idea for one to raise a pet pigeon or dove, as a house in which such birds are raised in, or one’s children may die G-d forbid, or one may not have children to begin with.


Turned over a vessel:[17] [Tzavaas Rebbe Yehuda Hachassid ]

Any chicken or animal which has turned over a vessel is to be immediately slaughtered [within 24 hours[18], or at least within a few days[19]]. [Some Poskim[20] rule that this only applies if the chicken has turned the vessel onto itself.]


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