Hanosen Lasechvi Bina

The blessings recited and their corresponding pleasure:[1]

Hanosein Lasechvi Binah:

Is a blessing said to give thanks to G-d for creating the rooster which awakens man in the morning.[2]


Sparks of Kabala

The inner meaning of Hanosein Lasechvy Bina:[3]

The spiritual root of the rooster in the world of Yetzira is the angel Gavriel. The root in the world of Atzilus is the five Gevuros of Ima. The job of these five Gevuros in Atzilus is to awaken the Sefira of Malchus which descends at night into the lower worlds. This occurs exactly at midnight. Likewise the angel Gavriel is in charge of awakening the souls in Gan Eden which have a level of concealment of

G-dliness when night begins. At midnight Gavriel awakens the souls to greet the new revelation of

G-dliness that they can now experience. Likewise in this world man must awaken to praise G-d at midnight. The physical rooster which is rooted in Gavriel and the five Gevuros hence crows to awaken man below just like its root does above. This is the inner meaning of this blessing, as it is going on all the levels of “Sechvy/rooster” that awaken the souls at night.

[1] Based on 46/2; These blessings are recorded in the Gemara Brachos 60b and Menachos 43b

[2] See Tosafus Brachos 60b “Ki Shama Kol Tarnigola”

[3] Torah Oar 86a; Ayin Beis p. 1,142

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