Kavod and Oneg Shabbos

The mitzvah of Kavod and Oneg Shabbos:[1]

A Biblical or Rabbinical precept: There are two matters regarding Shabbos that were expounded on by the prophets. These are the Mitzvah to honor Shabbos [i.e. Kavod Shabbos] and Oneg Shabbos.[2] These two Shabbos obligations [to honor and enjoy it] are in truth rooted in a Biblical precept.[3] However there are opinions[4]which learn that these two above obligations contain no Biblical root and are rather of Rabbinical origin.[5] Nevertheless, even according to the latter opinion one must be very careful to fulfill these two obligations of honor and enjoyment on Shabbos, as Rabbinical precepts are of more severity than even Biblical precepts. [Practically in the laws of Yom Tov[6] Admur rules plainly like the latter opinion that the Mitzvos of Oneg and Kavod are Rabbinical precepts which have been explained by the prophets.[7]]

The reward: Whoever fulfills the Mitzvah of Oneg Shabbos his reward is explicitly mentioned in the Prophets that he will merit “basking in pleasure of G-dliness”. Furthermore, the sages state that whoever performs the Mitzvah of Oneg Shabbos all his sins are forgiven and he is saved from the judgment of Gehenom. 



[1] 242/1



[2] As says the verse “And one calls enjoyment onto Shabbos, to sanctify the honored G-d”.



[3]As Shabbos is included within the group of days called “Mikraeiy Kodesh” or “A calling of holiness”, and the Sages have learned that the term “A calling of holiness” is coming to teach that one is to sanctify and honor the Shabbos with clean clothing, and to enjoy the day through pleasurable foods and drinks. [ibid] So rules Sefer Chareidim chapter 4



[4] Tosafos; Mahril



[5] As they learn that the wording of “A calling of holiness” is coming to teach that one is to sanctify the Shabbos through refraining from doing forbidden labor. [ibid]



[6] 529/5



[7] The Mishneh Berurah in Biur Halacha [250 “Yashkim”] sides that the eating of bread during the meal is Biblical while other delicacies are Rabbinical.

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