Laughing, throwing acorns, holding baby, and playing games on Tishe Beav


Laughing and frivolity:[1]

Laughing and frivol behavior is forbidden on Tisha B’av. Doing so can lead to physical danger.[2]


Throwing Beralach/acorns:

The Poskim[3] severely warn against the custom[4] of throwing acorns around in Shul on Tisha B’av and doing so is a great sin. Doing so is a desecration of a Shul, which is akin to the Temple, in addition to the prohibition of frivolity on such a day.[5] Nevertheless, this was the custom in certain Chassidic communities.[6]


May one hold a baby on Tisha B’av?

Some[7] write one is not to hold a baby on Tisha B’av for pleasure purposes, just as is the law of an Avel within the seven days of Aveilus.[8] One may hold a baby for his own benefit, such as to calm him down, feed him or change him


May one play cards or games on Tisha B’av?[9]

One is not to do so, in order not to remove one’s mind from the Aveilus.


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