Lighting Checklist


Setting up the Menorah:

  • Use olive oil and cotton wicks for the candles.
  • Use wax candles for the Shamash.
  • Each candle is to contain enough oil to last at least 30 minutes after nightfall.
  • The candles are set up starting from the far right end of the Menorah. The Shamash is placed slightly higher than the other candles.
  • The Menorah is set up inside one’s home, by the doorway of a room, adjacent to the doorpost opposite the Mezuzah.
  • The Menorah is to be between three and ten Tefach [24-80 centimeters] from the ground.
  • Each person lighting is to preferably light by a different doorpost. Children are to light by the doorpost of their bedroom.


    The lighting:

  • Beginning from sunset, do not do Melacha or eat a meal until the candles are lit.
  • After sunset begin lighting the candles. If this is not possible the candles may be lit with a blessing until day break so long as there are people still awake.
  • One wears regular weekday garb of hat and jacket.
  • Married men light wearing a Gartel.
  • Prior to the lighting one recites three blessings on the first night, two blessings on every subsequent night.
  • Only after the blessings have been recited does one begin lighting the candles.
  • One begins lighting the candle to the far left, and hence lights from left to right.
  • One does not light any candle, including the Shamash from an already lit Chanukah candle.
  • After all the candles are lit one sings Haneiros Halalu.
  • One remains near the candles for approximately 30 minutes.
  • Women may not do work during these thirty minutes.
  • The Menorah may not be moved until 30 minutes have passed from after nightfall. In a time of need one may move the Menorah once this time has passed, prior to extinguishing.
  • The candles may not be extinguished until 30 minutes have passed from after nightfall.
  • One may not benefit from the candlelight’s of the Menorah during these 30 minutes.
  • After the 8th night, all leftover oils and wicks are to be burnt on their own.


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