Making sure that the Yud of your Tefillin Shel Yad remains Kosher

Making sure that the Kesher of the Yud of your Tefillin Shel Yad remains Kosher:[1]

It is a Halacha from Moshe on Sinai that a knot in the shape of the letter Yud be formed by the Tefillin Shel Yad after the straps have been entered into its Mabarta. This is done in order to complete G-d’s name of Sha-daiy, of which the letter Daled and Shin are found by the Tefillin Shel Rosh. 

Being careful that the Yud does not turn over:[2] [The area of the knot which appears like a Yud has to be made in a way that it appears like a Yud from the outside, meaning, that it appear like a scriptural Yud to those looking at it.[3]] Hence, one needs to be careful by the knot of the Yud that it does not turn over.

Which part is considered the Yud, and which direction should the protruding strap face: It is only the very most top part of the knot that is considered to form the Yud. The part of the strap that protrudes from the top of the Yud is viewed as the bottom of the Yud, while its opposite part, which is the main knot, is considered its top.[4] For this reason, the widespread custom is for the Yud to always be made with the protruding strap facing towards the right, weather by the Tefillin of a righty or a lefty, in order so the letter is written in its proper form, and does not appear upside down. Thus, while by a righty’s Tefillin the protruding strap faces towards the heart away from the Bayis, by a lefty’s Tefillin the protruding strap faces towards the actual Bayis.[5] However, some have a tradition even by a lefty’s Tefillin to make the protruding strap face towards the heart, even though it makes the letter Yud appear upside down.[6]


The protruding strap that comes out of the Yud:[7]

Cutting the protruding strap of the Yud into a slant:[8] It is customary to cut the protruding strap that comes out of the Yud in a slanted position, in order so it appear like a Yud as well. 

The length of the protrusion: One must be careful that the strap which protrudes from the Yud is not too long, hence making it look like a Vav, or too short, as it is an integral part of the letter Yud of the knot.[9] It is to extend a minimum measurement of one centimeter.[10] It is to extend one centimeter throughout its entire width, until the start area of the slanted cut.[11]


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Other opinions: Some Poskim rule on the contrary that the protruding strap is considered the top of the Yud, while the knot itself is considered the bottom. [See Shevet Halevi 5:3] Other Poskim rule that the protruding strap is the entire Yud itself, and is hence to be shaped in the form of a Yud. [Tur 32 in name of Rosh; Ateres Zekeinim 27; Mikdash Me’at 32:198; Orchos Rabbeinu 3:198; Minchas Yitzchak 9:3]

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The reason: As according to the Zohar one is to be particularly that the knot of the Yud touches the Bayis.

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[11] See Ketzos Hashulchan ibid in name of Sefer Zeved Tov, and so is implied.

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