Matir Assurim & Zokef Kefufim

Matir Assurim:

Is a blessing said to give thanks to G-d for giving us the ability to move around our limbs after a night’s sleep of being unable to move.


Zokef Kefufim:

Is a blessing said to give thanks to G-D for giving us the ability to stand straight after a night’s sleep of being in a crouching position.


What is the law if one recited the blessings in the wrong order?[1]

If one said the blessings in the wrong order it has no Halachic significance, and one may continue to recite the remaining blessings.[2]

Zokeif Kefufim before Matir Assurim: The above law, however, is with exception to the blessing of Matir Assurim, in which case if one proceeded to recite the blessing of Zokeif Kefufim before Matir Assurim, then he may no longer recite Matir Assurim.[3]


[1] 46/5

[2] Although the blessings of Birchas Hashachar correspond to the blessings of Shemoneh Esrei, nevertheless it is not as strict as Shemoneh Esrei in terms that its correct order is necessary to validate the prayer. [Shaar Hakolel 1/6]

[3] As included within the benefit of straitening the back is that one is able to move his limbs apart and hence why should he return and say a second blessing on this matter [which was already included within the blessing of Zokef Kefufim]. [ibid]

Other Poskim: The following Poskim argue that one may still say the blessing of Matir Assurim: Bach brought in M”A 46/11; Halachos Ketanos 1/118. The following Poskim rule like Admur that it may not be said: Taz 46/6; M”A 46/11; M”B 46/20; Derech Chaim; Chayeh Adam; Poskim mentioned in Kaf Hachaim 46/43

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