Buying baby items prior to birth

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May one buy items for a child before he is born?

It is permitted to purchase items for the future child prior to birth.[1] Nevertheless, some have the custom to abstain from doing so due to Ayin Hara.[2] One who did not receive this tradition, is not required to follow this custom, and may choose to buy items and ignore the Ayin Hara.[3] However, those who received this tradition, are to try to abide by it.[4] Some are accustomed to have another person buy the item for them.[5] Others are accustomed to pick out the item, and only pay for it after the birth.


[1] There is no source for prohibiting this, and it is not considered an all encompassing practice of world Jewry that has the power of a set custom to obligate all Jewry to follow.

[2] Sheilas Rav 2:57 in reply of Rav Chaim Kanievsky

[3] Rav Eliyahu Landau wrote to me that that one may purchase without any worry, and that on this it states, “One who is not Makpid -Lo Kapdinan”, and that so is the custom that he witnessed.

[4] This follows the famous ruling of the Rashba [See Rashba 1:9; Heishiv Moshe 13; Aryeh Dbei Ilai Y.D. 19] that the Minhag of women is holy and is to be abided.  [Heard from Rav Leibel Groner who is of the opinion that one should guard this custom]

[5] Heard from Rav Leibel Groner

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