May one leave a gentile alone in one’s Kitchen-Part 1-Lechatchila

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Leaving a gentile alone in one’s home and how it effects the Kashrus of one’s kitchen:[1]

A. Lechatchila:

It is initially forbidden to allow a gentile to remain alone with one’s eating utensils/vessels due to worry that he may use the vessels to cook non-Kosher foods [either non-Kosher ingredients or meat with milk[2]].[3] This applies even if one plans to not use the vessels again until after 24 hours.[4] This applies whether one desires to leave a vessel in the house of a gentile, or desires to leave a gentile alone in his home.[5]

Yotzei Venichnas:[6] If one is coming in and out of the house constantly, then it is permitted to leave the gentile alone in one’s home even initially.

Leaving a gentile at home while food is cooking: One is to be stringent not to leave pots [of cooking food] with one’s gentile maid, if no Jews will remain at home.[7] If, however, one is constantly coming in and out of the house, than one may do so, as stated above.[8] If, however, the maid knows that one will be gone for quite some time, such as he will be leaving to go to Shul and the like, one should be stringent.[9]



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It is forbidden to leave one’s eating utensils, cookware, or food that is in the midst of cooking, in the care of a gentile, unless one is entering and exiting the area constantly.



May one leave eating utensils alone with a non-religious Jew?[10]

It is forbidden to leave a Jew who is known to desecrate Shabbos in public, alone in one’s home with one’s Kosher kitchen unless a Torah observant Jew is constantly coming in and out of the house.



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