May one partake of food in a Shiva home?

May people who are Menachem Avel eat food in the Shiva home?[1]

Some[2] are accustomed not to eat any food, or take any item, from the Shiva home throughout the seven days of Shiva.[3] Others[4] rule there is no need to be particular in this matter, and that so is the custom of many to eat food in the Shiva home after Shacharis. Some[5] write that the custom to be stringent in this matter [according to the first opinion] only applies to the house in which the person passed away. However, if the person did not pass away in the Shiva house then there is no need to refrain from eating food in the home. [Practically, the widespread Ashkenazi custom is not to eat any foods in any Shiva house throughout Shiva. While the Sefaradi custom is on the contrary, to honor the visitors with food. Many Chabad Rabbanim have testified to this custom of avoiding eating in a Shiva home and that one is to abide by it.[6] However, there are Chassidishe homes that offer the comforters food and drink.[7] Seemingly, on Shabbos there is room to be lenient according to all.[8]]

Lechaim:[9] It is not our custom to offer a Lechaim in the Shiva home during the Shiva, with exception to on the seventh day, after Shacharis.


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