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After subscription, we will provide you your login credentials within 1 to 2 business days.

If you are logged in using your login credentials, then you will not see any of the pop up ads that show on each page and are generated for our general audience.

Yes. You maintain full control of your payments and may cancel your subscription whenever you wish, although you will lose access to all features.

No. While the vast majority of articles are available for download in PDF format when you are logged in, very long articles including full chapters are usually not available for PDF download.

The vast majority of the articles on the website are available free of charge. Certain articles however are accessible through password only and available for standard members and above.

Yes. It is permitted to use Maaser money towards your subscription, as the goal of payments given is to help maintain this Torah institution and spread the word of Halacha to the masses in ways allowed by new technological advances, hence hailing the time when the Knowledge of Hashem will fill the earth like the water fills the sea.

The Torah articles on our site are provided to you free of charge. Just like Hashem taught us Torah for free so too we teach others for free. Nonetheless, maintaining our website and creating new article content is a high expense and we have thus innovated a subscription option that will give members extra features and help maintain the costs of our work.

You will be given access to a special OneDrive folder that will hold a database of source sheets for various topics and Halachos, that have featured in our daily Halacha Series.

Premium members will receive access to a single course of their choice at a time. Premium members may proceed with one course after another, free of charge, so long as they maintain their premium membership.

Each month for the next 18 months you will be sent between 3 to 5 of our publications. At the conclusion of the 18 months you will have all of our Sefarim set which includes more than 70 titles.

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