Monday-Daily Chitas [Chumash, Tanya] & Rambam Summaries [27th Adar 5783]

Monday, 27th Adar 5783/March 20, 2023


Parshas Vayikra-Sheiyni

1.  The bird Olah offering:

· If one brings an Olah offering from birds, it is to be from the turtledoves or young doves.

· The Kohen is to bring the bird to the altar and remove its head, and offer it to the altar, spraying its blood on the wall of the altar.

· Its innards is to be removed and discarded to the side of the altar, to the area where the ash rests.

· The bird is to be partially torn and then offered on the altar, on the wood that is one the fire. It is an Olah offering to Hashem.


2. The Mincha offering:

· When a soul brings a Mincha offering to Hashem it is to be made of Soles, fine flour. It is to contain oil and frankincense.

· The Kohen is to take his three full fingerfuls of the flour, and oil, together with all of its frankincense, and offer it to the altar. The remainder of the Mincha is to be distributed to the Kohanim.

· The baked Mincha: If an oven baked Mincha [i.e. Maafeh Tanur] offering is brought, it is to be baked into Matzos. If one bakes loaves, it is to be mixed with oil. If one bakes crackers, it is to be smeared with oil.

· The fried Mincha: If a pan fried Mincha is offered, it is to contain fine flour that is mixed with oil, and is baked into Matzos. It is to be broken to small pieces, and then have oil poured over it.  

Tanya Middle of Chapter 37 

1.       Charity-The greatest of the mitzvahs which elevates the entire animal soul:

·         Charity is equal to all the other mitzvot: Based on the above, we can now understand why the sages praised and extolled the virtue of charity to such a great extent even stating that it is equal in weight to all the other mitzvah’s. In fact, throughout the entire Jerusalem Talmud the word mitzvah refers to this mitzvah of charity.

·         Charity is the main mitzvah of the mitzvah’s: The reason for this great virtue of charity is because it is considered the main mitzvah of the practical mitzvah’s, and surpasses them all.

·         Charity elevates the entire animal soul: The purpose of all the mitzvah’s is simply to elevate the animal soul which fulfills them, and have it be incorporated within the infinite light of G-d. Now, there is no greater mitzvah than the mitzvah of charity in which the animal soul is so invested, and hence the elevation of the animal soul affected by charity is much greater than any other mitzvah. By all other mitzvah’s, there’s only one soul power of the animal soul that is invested within the fulfillment of that mitzvah, and thereby elevated. However, by the mitzvah of charity a person invests all of his energy, as all of his energy was invested in earning the income which he now has donated to charity. Hence, when he now donates his hard earned money to charity, all of the energy of his animal soul becomes elevated to G-d.

·         One who earns money effortlessly: Even one who earns money effortlessly is considered to be investing and elevating his entire animal soul with his donation, being that he could have used this money to purchase necessary bodily needs. It is thus found that he is donating the life of his soul to G-d.

·         Hastens the redemption: It is due to this reason that the sages state that charity hastens the redemption, as when one donates charity one elevates a great amount of energy of his animal soul. This energy would not have been able to be elevated in any other way, even in the fulfillment of many other mitzvahs. 

Rambam, Hilchos Eidus, Chapter 6: 


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