Parents of Chasan and Kallah share the same names

Parents of Chasan and Kallah share the same names:

If the parents of the Chasan and Kallah have the same exact name they should not have their children marry each other.[1] This applies for the names of both the mother and the father.[2] [However, some Poskim[3] rule this only applies if the names of the fathers are identical, and not regarding the names of the mothers. Other Poskim[4] rule the above only applies to small children, while children who are already adults may choose to marry someone even if their parents share names. Other Poskim[5] rule the concern only applies if the parents share the same rare name, however by common names, such as Avraham and Yitzchak, no concern applies.]

A second name: If, one of the parents with the identical name has a second name which is not shared with the other parent, then there is no worry involved.[6] [For example, if one is called Chaim Baruch, while the second is called Chaim, it is not a problem.] Likewise, even if the parents share the same exact name, if a second name is added to one of the parents, it suffices.[7] Accordingly, if the mothers share the same name, then one of the mothers should have a name added.[8]



If one of the parents has a nickname, or a secular name, are the names considered identical?[9]

Seemingly, one may be lenient in this matter if the parent is called by this nickname or secular name.



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