Daily Chumash Parshas Bechukosaiy Shabbos – Maaser Rishon

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  • Person in Cherem: Any person that was put in Cherem (by the court for punishment) may not be redeemed, he is put to death.


  1. Maaser Rishon:
  • All tithes from produce of the land and fruits of the tree are holy to Hashem. If one redeems it, he must add 20% to its value.

  1. Maaser Behemos:
    • The 10th animal of cattle or flock which passes under the staff is to be consecrated to Hashem.
    • It is forbidden to switch a Karban to a different animal, whether good to bad or bad to good. If one went ahead and did so, then it and its substitute shall be holy, and shall not be redeemed.
    • These are the Mitzvos that Hashem commanded Moshe to teach the Jewish people on Mount Sinai.

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