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Tasting the Shabbos foods on Erev Shabbos

Post Views: 82 Tasting the Shabbos foods on Erev Shabbos: A. The law:[1] One is to taste the Shabbos foods on Erev Shabbos. Which foods:[2] It is proper to taste each and every dish of food. B. The reasons behind the custom: Check if needs spices or other additions:[3] The

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Fact or myth-Pouring liquids backwards

Post Views: 135 Fact or myth-Pouring liquids backwards:[1] A. The custom: Many of the populace are accustomed to not pour liquids backwards. Below we will discuss the details of this tradition, its sources, reasons, Halachic pushback’s, and whether its practice is to be encouraged or discouraged from being followed. B.

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