Parshas Tazria Metzora-Summary, Torah Or, Likkutei Sichos, Video Shiurim; Halachos

Parshas Tazria Metzora-Chassidic story & lesson

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Speech-Honoring one’s parents through speech

Post Views: 3 Speech-Honoring one’s parents through speech:[1] A. Speaking respectfully:[2] Included in the mitzvah of honoring one’s parents is to speak to them with respect. One is to speak with them in a soft and appeasing tone, as if one is talking to the king. Speaking to one’s parents

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Eiruv Tavshilin

Post Views: 101 The laws of Eruv Tavshilin[1] Doing Eruv Tavshilin when the Yom Tov falls on Erev Shabbos: Whenever Yom Tov falls on Erev Shabbos one must do Eruv Tavshilin on Erev Yom Tov in order to be allowed to cook and light candles on Friday for Shabbos.  

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The Shavuos meal menu & The Dairy meal-Background, laws, and customs

Post Views: 1,823 This Halacha is an excerpt from our Sefer Buy me here or on A. The importance of eating on Shavuos:[1] It is a positive command[2] to eat and drink during all festivals.[3] Shavuos, however, contains an additional stringency not applicable by other Holidays. Unlike Shabbos and other Holidays, in which

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